Can I upgrade from DTHC II to a V package?

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Can I upgrade from DTHC II to a V package?

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guys- I cannot seem to get a clear understanding? There is a lot of gear now, and a platform change from MAch. I've invested in this Co. and I would like to understand what I order to upgrade from a 2014 (might be 2015?) BR AIO/ESPII DTHCII system to your new dthc platform and connect a HyT 45xp. Time to get this taken care of.

Specifically: which upgrade item on the website? or do you need me to call?
Looks like I'll need to run Linux for the app, and that's fine.

Please advice, been trying to get this sorted out. Ready to make an upgrade!
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Re: Can I upgrade from DTHC II to a V package?

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The DTHC II systems were the older parallel port based MACH / Windows control. It the system is functional (motors respond and run and the power section (ESPII) is good and the INputs and outputs work then: ... c-upgrade/
Here is the procedure:

1. Purchase the update on line. It comes with a PC preloaded and the license foe CommandCNC. It has SheetCAM loaded an if you have SheetCAM TNG that license can be transferred to the LINUX box . You can still continue to use it in a Windows computer or laptop . Check the PWM updates to make sure your MIC-XX cable will work. All units now ship with the PWMIIA that will work with a MIC-01 (with new 4 wide connector ) or the MIC-03.
2. Fill out an RMA form on the Website and in on it check its being returned for an update. Put your Order number in the RMA form to link them
3. Carefully package up the Main controller , the PWM and if you have one the RS485 and or Hyt-Connect
4. Print the RMA number on the outside of the box so it immediately gets routed to repair/update dept.
5. Ship it with a carrier that offers tracking and insurance.

Went we get it we will hook it up to test basic operation then if it works we will upgrade. you will be contacted if there is any thing that needs to be repaired prior to the upgrade. You are responsibel for return shipping . We repackage the unit in a new double boxed container . you will be contacted as to how you want it returned.

Trun time is about 7 to 10 working days . Shipping adds additional time
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