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dthc v

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I would like to upgrade to the new dthc v and ubob motion card if this is possible, my system is about 18 months old. I still have problems with the dthc IV turning on and off when cutting ,very finicky Thanks Louis
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Re: dthc v

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Dthc upgrade probably won't fix that. The DTHC 5 is for all intents and purposes the same as the DTHC IV with higher resolution and some added indicators for signals. The EBOB is an improvement sinceis a diret Ehternet BoB and has more inputs and outputs but still interacts with the DTHC the same way . The DTHC turns off and on on every cut and if it turns off its because its been told to. So when you say it turns off do you mean the torch stops firing, the motion stops or the DTHC enable LED (blue) i\on the DTHC goes off? Its important because the DTHC does fire the torch but that signal is jaust a pass through and enabling or disabling the DTHC will not effect torch fire. The more specific about the symptoms the easier it will be to focus on what is the actual problem.
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