CommandCNC 0.9.1 released + New Manuals.

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CommandCNC 0.9.1 released + New Manuals.

Post by mozmck » Thu Sep 01, 2016 11:39 am

We have just released CommandCNC 0.9.1. Support for our PN200 48 function Hand Controller added

*** IMPORTANT! *** Due to changes in the Configurator, you must click the "Save" button to save and update your config before exiting.

Direct link to the document on updating commandcnc, which includes a changelog and other notes. ... _0.9.1.pdf

Direct link to the installer download: ...

Direct link for the New BladeRunner User Manual for CommandCNC (103 pages) ... Manual.pdf

Direct Link for the new CommandCNC DTHCIV (torch height control) Setup and Config Manual (167 pages) ... Manual.pdf

*** IMPORTANT! ***
Now that the Configurator has separate “Save” and “Exit” buttons, when you load a config after updating to 0.8.9 you must first click the “Save” button to actually update the config before exiting.

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