Before You call with DTHC or cutting this:

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Before You call with DTHC or cutting this:

Post by admin13o5 » Sun May 22, 2016 1:26 pm

This is an excerpt from the New DTHCIV Setup & Config LINUX manual BUT its usable on ANY DTHC for setup or troubleshooting

If you have proper motion and calibration and are having problems cutting a file OR you have been cutting and it starts having issues, download and go through the Initial Cut Tests in this document: Do this BEFORE you call or e-mail us for support and have the results and numbers ready . We will not hang on the phone and wait for you to run the tests or walk you though the process. ... 98-102.pdf

While the systems are as plug and run as we can make them they are made to install on a wide variety of tables and be used with various brands and models of plasma cutters. In exchange for a factory direct price support is limited to issues where the user has invested in reading the manual and learning enough about their system so the call to Support is as detailed as possible.

When you get a support person on the phone it will be someone that knows the system and how to cut with both plasma and rotary tools and not just a person reading out of a list of possible questions so please have as much information as possible.

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