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Hello, looking at adding a collision detection torch mount to my table. Currently running CandCNC dc servo system, FT01 - Table I/O 12.2, and UBOB. As I understand it my options are to get the FT02, and Table I/O 12.6, and external dedicated small 12V 1A power supply to power the FT-02 Proximity circuits and input LED’s. Does CandCNC have said power supply in stock, or can you point me to one that will suffice? Any assistance would be appreciated!
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Teh 12.2 does not have a place to tie in an external DC power supply for proximity sensors. The main rule is the INPUTS on ALL table I/O 's is a seperate floating supply . Its on the UBOB . To use external sensors you need a separate supply bu tthe GND on tahat sully has to be tied to the COMMON on the 12.2 card. The 12.2 and older UBOB are limited on inputs so you will have to gang up the sensors if there are ore than one. Most of the sensors that come with the halo type collision detection mounts are NO NPN type. You cannot run then in parallel and you can't run them in series because they are electronic. You will need to switch them out of NC NPN type that close when they are no sensing metal . Those can be tied in parallel and if any one goes low it trips the input. Its okay to use a 12 or even 24V sensor type. Later table I/O like the 12.6 has a dual terminal to tie in the external sensor power .
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