Heads UP! Free Shipping on G5 Most Popular Bundles until JAN 2nd

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Heads UP! Free Shipping on G5 Most Popular Bundles until JAN 2nd

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We are adding a Free Shipping Coupon for the G5 Most Popular Bundles untilthe end of the year. G5 Most Popular Bundle and the NEW G5 XL heavy duty bundle, can ship in 3 weeks or less after funds clear on an order. Take advantage of the free shipping . All Systems now include the new Pre-Loaded Shuttle Mini PC's with a 2 year replacement warranty.
After your storm of orders is over for your shop its a good time to consider upgrading your older MACH based Controller to a LINUX based CommandCNC system with a new Mini PC

I will post the free shipping coupon here on or before DEC1.

To get your coupon that will save you hundreds go here :

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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