The Arrival

This is a forum where you can read about builds and retrofits of existing CNC machines using CandCNC controls. We will be posting the progress of a retro of a Chinese Plasma table retofit we are going and links to videos and details of using our latest Spindle Speed control and a 4KW spindle to build a commercial; grade 4 X 8 Router table. and of adding options (like a rotary pipe cutter and oxy-fuel ) You are welcome to post your build logs and pictures. We ask you not to use this forum to post support questions or "hoe to run a machine type questions.
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The Arrival

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It was a warm spring day in April in Texas with a small hint of rain, but mostly sunshine. The owner arrived early afternoon with the "monster" on the back of a flatbed trailer He had driven from a small town outside Waco Texas. He is a welder /fabricator by trade and the table had been squired used from the original buyer who I suspect got little or no use out of it and sold it a major loss to the current owner.
arrival_ontrailer1.png (401.88 KiB) Viewed 2470 times
The first challenge was to get it off the trailer intact and into our shop where we had cleared a space by moving out our 4 X 8 Plasma/router table. One thing I can say is the builder in China did not scrimp on steel . I think you could park a truck on top of the table bed . Gantry is a heavy pice os square tube and the support posts are heavy duty. While plasma tables do not need to be as heavy built as something that does contact cutting like a mill or big router as long as you have the horsepower to move the gantry at the speeds and acceleration you need its going to work.

After some struggle with a assist of our Kubota tractor/forklif, t we lifted the heavy rotary table (that low long thing in the first picture) off the trailer an into the shop . Its a separate 10ft long rotary table with a large chuck and a sliding adjustable tail stock that is outfitted with a LARGE servo motor into a gearhead . That accessory alone cost a lot. We decided to put that piece aside and come back after we had done the main reto and then address the pipe cutting options and to use our PIPEFIT pipe joint design software .

The unload of the table was accomplished by backing the traile up to the sliding door , unhitching the trailer and lifting the tongue up so the back ramp of the trailer was setting on the floor in the shop. We tied a brake rope to the front with a wrap around the trailer front and a stout person on the rode ,and using some plywood and shim boards , built an extension ramp down to the floor. We used several 3 ton floor jacks to lift the table and then let gravity do its thing and it slid off the trailer like it was on black ice!. Once in the sop it was rotated and put into place. In the upcoming build log you will see where we placed the table.

From here we started our assessment of the big chunk of iron we had sitting in the shop. I had my crew pull the control cabinet that was tied on top off to the left side of the table . Is hardwired in with dozens of cables . The gantry sticks out over the side to do the pipe cutting and the owner had take it loose and moved it at an angle to avoid it hanging out over the trailer side during transport. My team moved it back and reattached the ganty .
arrivaltrailer3.png (542.28 KiB) Viewed 2470 times
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