Rotary Axis for Bladerunner Router Table

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Rotary Axis for Bladerunner Router Table

Post by Foloak » Sat Jan 09, 2021 9:32 pm

Just bought a 48x48 router table that has the blade runner configuration. I am looking to see what it would take to get that to work with a rotary axis so I can do 3d wood carving. Can someone point me in the direction that would help show me what to get/how to set it up? I am newer to the cnc world myself. Also if you have suggestions where to buy it, that would be great. Thanks

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Re: Rotary Axis for Bladerunner Router Table

Post by djreiswig » Sun Jan 10, 2021 12:42 pm

You should still be able to get a 5th axis driver and another stepper motor from CandCNC.
Then you can get the rotary plugin for SheetCam.
You might need a program like vcarve to do true 3d. I'm not familiar with doing wood carving, only plasma at this point.
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Re: Rotary Axis for Bladerunner Router Table

Post by admin13o5 » Mon Jan 11, 2021 9:14 am

YOu may want to do some more research inot doing 3D routing. You can use Vcarve Pro to ROUTE a 3D Surface on a flat piece and thre are all kinds of vidoes that show how to do that with soime pretty impressive work. No rtoary axis involved. SheetCAM rotary is not going to work for rotary 3D routing. It made for pipe cutting and square/rect tube cutting. 3D DESIGN (modelling) is another story completely . It can get expensive fast and takes a skill set that is far advanced over 2D/2.5D cutting. VCarve just lets you CUT and 3D model but you need either Aspire or another 3D modeling software to actually create 3D files . There are some free ones like Fusion 360 (free for hobby/home use but $$$ if you use it commercially ). Its cloud based so they can cut you off any time they want FreeCAD is a parametric 3D design software BUT you best have a really good fouindation in 2.5D design and a lot of time to go though tutorials even to do simple stuff.

all in all 3d is not jsut a little harder then 2.5D its a LOT harder and throwing in rotary multiplies that. I think you can do rotary with V carve . Where it can get complex is the math to wrap the design around different diamters and if the objects is not round and not the same diameter down the length.

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