MP3000 Series F to MP3700 Upgrade

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MP3000 Series F to MP3700 Upgrade

Post by orboriack » Wed Sep 25, 2019 6:30 am

I know some of you have probably done this upgrade and can answer this question. I have a MP3000 Series F with Mach 3 on a Windows computer with an ESPII, PSC1500 with the servo motors (850 oz-in). Currently there is a DB9 coming from the MP3000, goes into the ESPII via an external DB9 on the MTA 150 side plate and then goes with a 9 pin ribbon cable up to the UACM front panel. This is just a straight through connection and does not plug into the MTA150 at all, just make that clear. Now there is not that option on the new MP3700 system of a DB9 coming from it so I am wondering if that is hooked up via a 20 pin ribbon cable that goes between the MTA250 card and the UACM front panel? I have pieced this together from several manuals and I am wondering if this is how it is done...

If this is the case, is that around 24" long ribbon cable with the MP3700 kit or would I have to get that off of Amazon or Ebay?

I am looking at doing this upgrade but just want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I pull the trigger. Don't want to be down and have people waiting on signs to be cut. :(

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Re: MP3000 Series F to MP3700 Upgrade

Post by admin13o5 » Wed Sep 25, 2019 9:43 am

The old 9 pin to the controller fropm the MP3000 was aan RS232 serail connection to the front panel. Once we went o RS485 and Ethernet later its no longer used . All it did was report the power supply stats tfrom the front panel down out to the screen. It still does all of the functions without the screen readouts. In short you don't have an RS232 port on the MP3700 ( or the MP3500 for MACH when it came out )

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