Difference between Plug-n-run plasma systems

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Difference between Plug-n-run plasma systems

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I am planning to build a 4' x 8' plasma table using the Super Z and a sub-100lb gantry. Can someone explain the differences between the two plasma stepper kits available to purchase? Specifically the difference between the "NEW! BladeRunner G5 620-4" ($3,012.00) and the ""Most Popular" G5 Bundle" ($2,995.00)

They seem very similar but one comes with a pre-configured linux PC? Any other differences?

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Re: Difference between Plug-n-run plasma systems

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Most popular Bundles contain options you usually need on a first time build.licensed SheetCAm is one (165.00) . you will also note that most of the options are discounted (Connection kits are 60 bucks off) .
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