New business hours until Fall

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New business hours until Fall

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Because of the cost of fuel and power we have modified our business hours . Starting this Friday July 21st 2022 we will be closed on Fridays . It lowers the cost of commuting to work by 20% , reduces strain on the electrical grid from less AC usage and cuts our employee expenses for things like child care. As always this forum and the email support will remain active . A lot is happening in the economy and with rampant inflation , high fuel prices and an acute shortage of critical electronic components we are looking at ways to lower costs .

We will monitor the economy, the market and unit demand and make adjustments to the schedule later this Fall. The RFS (Request for Service) form is a good way to get timely help online. You can find it under the SUPPORT section of our website . The more detailed info you provide about your system and problems the better and faster the solution can be provided. The forum moderators and Admin do not have off-site access to accounting records or purchase history so if we have to look up details it can delay response by sometimes days.

As an older American and having lived (and run a business) under Carter I can tell you this can get a lot worse (and appears to be) before it gets better.

Please be safe

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