Controller Bundles are basically everything you need electrically to build a CNC Plasma or Plasma/Router table.  Scroll page down to see BUNDLES

  • Linux based:  Preloaded PC with LINUX, Drawing, CAD, CAM and Control Software
  • Full SheetCAM license.  Full CommandCNC license… nothing else to buy
  • Network via Ethernet or WIFI to any Linux or Windows computers.  Move files effortlessly
  • Wired motors (options for cable lengths.)
  • Direct Ethernet EBOB with expanded Inputs (16) and up to 8 axis of motors
  • Versitle multi-cut design does Router , Plasma , oxy-fuel and plate marking.
  • Option for Hypertherm Rs485 serial port interface allows remote real time control of cut current and air pressure.  Unique “Soft Pierce” increases consumable life.
  • World famous High Speed 5th generation Digital Torch Height Control with advanced automation features
  • 300 pages of illustrated manuals
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty on controller and external modules.  Phone support during warranty period.  NEW!  1 or 2 year Warranty EXTENSIONS available;.  up to 4 full years !
  • 14 years of innovation and support.  Thousands of systems.   Leaders in technology and value
  • Support Forum open to all. Over 3000 registered users.
  • Options for
    • Our popular SUPER Z axis with Floating torch holder, Limits, Z home, Built-in Ohmic Sensor
    • Breakaway Torch Holder with ESTOP
    • New Mini PC upgrade
    • Discounted Connection Kits for Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics and Most Pilot Start Plasma
    • Add 5th motor for Rotary Axis .  Add Rotary Plasma Plugin and Pipefit™ Joint Design Software
    • HYT-Connect SIM kit to use with Hypertherm’s RS485 serial port for remote setting of Cut Cuttent.  Sets from console or g-code.


bladerunner with motors 1

“Most Popular G5” Bundle $2795.00 For table buillders  Improved latest 2020 model.  This kit has all of the Electonics and Software to build a professional grade CNC Plasma or Plasma/Router Combo table.

Small table / Light Gantry Bundle  $2525.00 for Ready-to-Run Controls kit.  Before you spend money on a cheap hobby grade table with Chinese electronics , obsolete software, and an add-on import THC, check this kit out! You can own a light duty table with USA made quality electronics, outstanding performance and a 2 year warranty with REAL support.

bladerunner-dragon-cut-servo-system-4-with-3-gearheads-+-dthcii Full Automation Servo Bundle For owners of the Hypertherm Powermax™ Plasma System with a RS485 Connection Kit Includes Powermax™ Models 45XP, 65, 85, 105 and 125.  Complete with 10:1 precision planetary gear heads to properly match typical rack and pinion linear designs