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Linux OS and CommandCNC

 Updates for CommandCNC™ and for SheetCAM POSTS

As of September 2019 we started shipping systems with an updated Linux OS we call CNC-Xf.  It is derived from Xubuntu 18.04, and it is now a 64-bit OS.  Practically this means that if your system was shipped on or after 9/18/2019 you probably need the 64-bit update below.  If you download the wrong one for your system it will not install and will show an error message saying you need the other installer.
A simple way to tell which OS you have is by the system menu in the top left corner of the screen.

CNC-Xf menu button:    download this update:
LINUX 64-bit CommandCNC Update 1.2.2

Xubuntu 14.04 menu button:    download this update:
LINUX 32-bit CommandCNC Update 1.2.2

<div id=”commandcnc”>This is an update file for systems that already have CommandCNC installed on the Linux computer that was received from CandCNC with the purchase of a Linux System or Linux upgrade.</div>

IMPORTANT! After updating, be sure to open and resave all your CommandCNC profiles in the configurator to update them and make them compatible with the new version of CommandCNC

1.2.2 has gantry homing improvements, outputs turn off in Estop, ethernet port is properly locked to CommandCNC again.
contains some bug fixes (see Updates Manual below).  The 64-bit version installs a new system kernel and changes some options to fix issues with some computers.  You must reboot the computer after installing this update if you are running the new 64-bit OS!
Moves most THC settings to the Configurator, adds PN200 to the Configurator, and more. Be sure to read the release notes below!
Adds a checkbox in the Advanced page of the Configurator to select the homing method.
Adds Auto-Set support for DTHC, fixture offsets, user interface changes, and many other updates and bug fixes.
Fixes a Configurator bug which makes broken oxy-fuel configs. The “Use Hardware Enable Pin” option has also been removed, and that option is now ON permanently.
Fixes a bug in 1.0 which broke router configs.  It also includes HyTconnect improvements to clear error codes on the plasma cutter and re-init after power cycling the plasma cutter.
Adds support for EBOB motion hardware with more inputs and outputs, and adds initial support for other languages.

CommandCNC Update Manual

CommandCNC 1.2 Release Notes
1.1 Release Notes
1.0 Release Notes

This is an update installer, NOT an initial installer for CommandCNC.
For GPL source code, see this page.

LINUX CommandCNC Post Processor Rev. 29B
Updated 04/21/20. 
Zip format (compressed).  download and move to PC running SheetCAM and unzip.  Move to folder SheetCAM-CandCNC/Posts and unzip.   To use in SheetCAM open the Options/Machine/Post Processor tab and select the IMport Post button and point to the folder it is installed in above.

Firmware Upgrades, Plug-ins, and Installers


Windows OS and Mach3

EtherCut Updater 09/20/15
Download, Unzip and run the installer.  It will update the HUB ADMIN Utitlity, the MACH plugins and copy the new DTHCIV device firmware version 1.9 to your C drive.   This is for users that have either run the previous EtherCut Updater OR the Master Installer X.  You should be on HUB firmware 1.7 and DTHCIV Device firmware 1.6 or 1.7
You MUST use the Hub Admin to apply the new firmware for the DTHCIV

MasterInstaller XI  FILE
Menu driven auto-installer for units shipped after 4/15/14
06/15/15 16.01M
  Use for Bladerunner (After 4/15/14) ; MP3000 (shipped after 4/15/14). MP3100, MP3500 Ether-Cut Router or plasma; Plazpak, Routerpak, USB485 Hub and Rotary Plasma installs  .
This version contains the latest screens, firmware and profiles for MACH3 INCLUDING the Ether-Cut Updates Use this to do an initial install or update if you have installed with a previous
Master Installer or older install file.  Firmware is updated using Hub Admin after the install
  Includes Mach Profiles, Screens, plug-ins, etc with auto installer

MasterInstaller X Legacy
Menu driven auto-installer for OLDER units prior to 4/15/14

  Use for Bladerunner (Before 4/15/14) ; MP3000 (shipped before 4/15/14). MP3100 Router or plasma; Plazpak, Routerpak, USB485 Hub and Rotary Plasma installs  No other updates needed.
This version contains the latest screens and profiles for MACH3 I  Use this to do an inital install or update if you have installed with a previous Master Installer or older install file AND you Bladerunner or MP3000 was shipped prior to 4/15/14.  Units before that date used UBOB III rev 14 and older cards and have a different MACH profile and  drivers.  Units shipped after 4/15/14 have UBOB III rev 15 or later cards.  That includes all MP3500 and all EtherCut products. USE THE MASTER INSTALLER X (10) above for those

MACH 3 Version 3.043.066 for use with UBOB; BLADERUNNER; MP3000/Mp3100/MP3500
Sorry MACH3 no longer available on this site for download go to

Support Files Latest SheetCAM TNG (version 6.0.1 or later)  with DCC upgrade
Includes new POST files, Hypertherm 45 thru 105 Cut Profiles (tooltables)  Updated 06/10/2015

Post Processor DTHC-HYT-TAP_SoftPierce+Marker-rev 11J 
Updated POST for EtherCut to use G31 touch-off. Includes PDF instructions



USB to RS485 hub firmware version 1.8

1.8 has usb code updates, changes to support upcoming features in the DTHC, and miscellaneous improvements.
  fixed a communication problem with the new Hypertherm 45xp plasma cutter.